In a society full of replica's it can be difficult to spot the differences between what is 100% authentic or what is fake. Nu2u makes it easier for their clients by authenticating each item before it is posted. Nu2u has a 100% authenticity guarantee. By guaranteeing that all items

posted to the site are 100% authentic, returns are NOT accepted under any circumstance. Whether you are consigning or re-consigning an item with Nu2u, each item goes  through the same authenticity procedure. With a 100% authenticity guarantee policy Nu2u can not be held 

liable for items that are unauthentic. Our number one priority is making sure that all items before being posted have been authenticated via their original origin or professional authenticator. Nu2u is at liberty to choose 

who authenticates their items, however the client is more than welcome to appraise and authenticate the items as well. Furthermore, all items are priced according to condition and demand.