Consigning with Nu2u is easy and secure, and through these few steps you will be on your way to earning cash for sale of your items. Any information submitted through this site is secure, as your privacy is our biggest priority.

The first step in consigning with Nu2u Luxury is to complete the submission form on the Consign With Us page. Once you’ve submitted, our team will review your form and decide whether or not to accept your item(s).

In some cases, we will offer an outright buying price, in which we will issue you a cash offer to accept or decline. If a cash offer is not taken, then we will either accept or decline. When your item(s) are accepted, you will receive an email confirmation stating that your item was accepted. Following your acceptance email, you will receive a contract to be dated and signed with your information along with the item’s information and proposed selling price. Once you have dated and signed the contract, you will receive a shipping label and will have 1-2 days to ship your item(s).

Once items are received at our warehouse, it will go through an authentication process (time frame may vary). If your item is deemed unauthentic, an email will be sent to you with this information and your item will be sent back to you. In addition, you will be charged a $50 fee for unauthentic items, which will go towards payment of the process for authenticating. If your item has passed the entire authentication process, we will send you an email stating that your item has been accepted for sale. Once your item is accepted, we will take professional photos and list it for sale on our website.

We understand that some items may take longer to sell. However, we ask for a total of 30 days to sell your item. If your item has not sold within the 30-day period, an email will be sent to you with an option to lower the price and continue listing or to have your item returned back to you. However, it is our main priority to get all of our clients’ items sold within the 30-day period.

Once an item is sold, you will receive confirmation and we will deduct the contracted percentage. The remaining balance will be issued to you via Paypal, Cashapp or Venmo. We ask that you allow 5-7 business days from the time of sale to receive your funds and to please understand that each bank is different. It may take a few additional days for your bank to issue the funds to you.